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What’s Cominka People?

About Us

Cominka People is a website for “people who live, work and play with cominka”. In Tohoku, we met pioneering cominka owners who, with their unique philosophy, have creatively reconciled the traditional and the contemporary life. Each of their cominka is characteristic  one was almost like a work of art by the owner-artist, and the other was refurbished old house which an architect worked really well in materializing what the house means to the owner. Time with a cominka owner is a special one, as they let us know not only about the cominka itself, but also about shops in the area, shrine nearby  things that really make one want to visit these places. We believe such cominka owners can be found throughout Japan.

In Cominka People we collect and present information of those cominka owners in order to have more “people who live, work and play with cominka”, contributing to revitalization of community, presenting Japanese culture to the world and effective recycling of cominka/vintage materials.

Who is a “Cominka Owner” in Cominka People?

Our Cominka Owners are people who are living or working in cominka or a space that utilizes vintage materials, spontaneously interacting with it.

What is “Cominka” in Cominka People?

There is no set definition of cominka (which literally translates as “old private house”), although general standard is “private house older than 50 years”. In Cominka People, however, cominka refers to any space of any age  be it old house or a space that utilizes vintage materials  in which cominka owner has creatively reconciled tradition and contemporary life.

To Cominka Owners

On Cominka People, we are introducing unique cominka owners with the theme of “people who live, work and play with cominka”. If you are a cominka owner, please contact us! Find out more here.

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